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Super Natural Swap Wallet by Hondo

$ 24.95 USD

Super Natural Swap Wallet is a new style of the Himber Wallet that allows the audience to open it by themselves. 

Imagine it. You've done an amazing trick with the gaff or gimmick card(s). Then you put the card(s) back into the wallet. Place it on the table and wait for the audience to ask for checking the card(s). You say "yes". The audience opens the wallet herself and checks the card(s). Everything happens naturally. That's why we call it "Super Natural Swap Wallet".

With both the magnetic lock and the Gravity Auto-self-open design, the audience will find the wallet already open a little bit or even fully while picking it up. So they never find the hidden side. It's just a normal wallet for them.  There is no doubt that SNSW is the sharpest weapon for magicians! 

Note: The cat photo is not included.