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Intersection by Hondo

$ 49.95 USD

With Hondo’s Intersection, you can make one playing card melting through the other card or a borrowed bill magically. In the end, you can leave audience all the objects as the souvenirs. Intersection is so perfect for both live performance and stunning your friends on social medias! 

You will not only learn 2 different versions of Intersection (Card thru card or bill), but also learn how to re-build the gimmick by yourself with the extra materials included when it gets old and damaged by repeatedly using. Hondo will teach you everything details!


  • Super visual
  • Easy to do 
  • Instant reset
  • Examinable
  • Easy to re-build the gimmick

“Hondo's Card through Card is perfect!”M.H. (Masaki Hamaguchi)

“Incredibly visual and surprisingly simple! This is what magic should look like” Eric Chien

“Intersection is such an amazing visual.. it’s pure eye candy!!” - Nicholas Lawrence

“Intersection is an impossible close-up illusion, it fooled me badly!” - Hanson Chien