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Warp King by Hondo

$ 9.95 USD

Roy Walton released the effect "Card Warp" in 1973, and soon it becomes one of the classic plots in card magic. Hondo loves this effect so much and started to develop his own version in 2014.

Eventually, Hondo is satisfied with the result in 2019. The Warp King was born.

Hondo's Warp King has the following features:

- Both Cards can be signed.

- Everything done by the gimmick and the gaff.

- You can leave the twisted card to audience as an amazing souvenir.

What you will get: Gimmick x 1 (reusable) + Gaff x 20 + Online Tutorial

*NOTE: The back design of the gaff is printed as Maiden because of USPCC's copyright policy. But don't worry. It still work swell with the regular bicycle 808 deck. The audience never figure out the difference. They are just stunned by the beautiful visual impact.